Painting Egyptian

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 Egyptian Brushes

and Reed Pens


Brushes made with plant fiber

Ancient Egyptian painting brushes could be made from a variety of materials. Sometimes they were bound onto a wooden handle and at other times the fiber itself was bound to create a self handle. Brushes have been discovered in Egyptian tombs, left behind by artisan tomb painters.

Learn how to make different types of brushes like the Ancient Egyptians used. Students make their own brushes using a selection of local plants including bamboo, reeds, and palm fronds. Using the different types of brushes and a variety of painting materials including coffee, food colors, and inks, students can explore different types of mark making. Students will learn a brief history of Egyptian painting techniques, materials, and pigments, as well as learning about local plants. This class will inspire exploration of inventive and creative mark making and painting using unconventional materials.

Students learn:
o Proper handling of materials
o Make brushes using reeds, sticks, and palm frond fibers
o Experiment with brushes and their different mark making
o History of Egyptian painting techniques, pigments, and materials
o Learn about different types of local palms and plants
o Experiment with different types of paint (food color, coffee, ink)